Stellenbosch International Chamber Music Festival

Our Venues

Music Department
Music Department, Stellenbosch University
Endler Hall
The 556 seater Endler Hall is equipped with a Marcussen tracker-action organ with 44 stops, three manuals and pedal. The Endler Hall has excellent acoustical cha­rac­teris­tics and has been acclaimed one of the finest concert halls in the world.
The Jannasch Hall is the largest lecture hall with 180 seats. The hall is especially suitable for multimedia presentations and meetings.
Fismer Hall
The Fismer Hall is suited exceptionally for a smaller audience. The hall can seat 200 people, when filled to capacity with loose chairs. Fitted with 60 fixed chairs the hall also boasts a wooden sprung floor.
Practice Rooms
The Konservatorium building has three floors with 57 practise studios, 6 of which are equipped with pipe organs. These practise rooms have a high level of sound insulation and are designed to eliminate the production of standing sound waves when practising.
Endler Foyer
The foyer to the Endler hall boasts large murals by the late Larry Scully and has some marvellous views of the mountains surrounding Stellenbosch. The foyer can easily host up to 300 people.


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